Can Listening To ROCK Music Make You Aggressive?

rock aggression

Music is one of the most common things in life. Besides the necessities; food, water, jobs – music plays a very big role in our life. It gets us by our bored days, our drive to work, our drive back home, sorrowful days or even happy days. But little do we know the music which we like or even love listening to determines the kind of person we are or if a person is not molded yet, it determines the kind of person whom they become.

Rock music in particular is our main focus. You know the songs with upbeat beats, lyrics which are mumbled and guitars being played in the background more than the lyrics are? Yes, that’s the genre we’re talking about. Heart rates are often tangled with the anger we feel, and that’s what exactly what rock music does to listeners – it increases the heart rate. But if you want to calm it down, then is the right place for you. Sometimes these angers are associated with how a person is going act or already is acting. Studies show that people who listen more to rock music tend to have an anger in them and turn out being frustrated, which leads to them being aggressive.

Lyrics in rock music more often sounds vulgar than any other genre and the listeners will relate to the lyrics in different forms and ways. Some listeners may just like to be hyped up by the beat, to get them going through a sleepy day or most listeners of rock music are usually troubled persons & they often relate this genre to their cooped-up anger. Whenever the music if turned off, they tend to remember the meaning of the lyrics which are most often violent ones & if they get ticked off by only a small matter, they will most likely become aggressive – just like the music they listen to.

Rock music is not bad for someone, but it reflects the emotions of the listeners. If the listeners are mentally strong enough, they would not let this genre of music get to them which then leads into being aggressive.

Hemoptysis completed filming the Shadow of Death video featuring Chris Cannella!

Hemoptysis finished filming a music video with Big Shot Studios for Shadow of Death featuring Chris Cannella of Autumn’s End and Product Manager/Artist Relations for Jackson Guitars.

Photos and behind the scene footage is coming soon.

They had a great experience shooting this video, and were amazed by Chris’s talent!
Also, they would like to thank Robert, Sean and the guys from Big Shot Studios!

All are excited to see the video, check it out above!
We are sure you’ll dig the video!

How To Sing Metal Music

Music plays it all – our mood, fantasy, family, special occasions, love and everything about life. And we’re paying our utmost gratitude and respect to the different genres that music has created. Every type of music gives us an identity and a sense of belonging as we tend to worship our favorite musician and their songs that often play in our playlist.

Metal Rock juxtaposes the calm and the strong, the old and the new. This is one of the many reasons why this kind of music is greatly loved by millions. If you happen to be an avid fan and you want to learn their secret of how they play it cool, let’s take an insightful advice from an expert on how to become your own rock star.


In his short video, Serpent Background’s lead vocalist Ralph Buso shared a concise and easy to follow method on how to sing metal music. He highlighted the importance of vocal techniques in developing a deep voice to produce an influential music. Here’s a quick guide that Buso does as a habit in sharpening his music skills:

  • Hold the sides of your waist and breathe out
  • Put a candle in front of you as you breathe steadily (helps in holding a note for a long time)


Ralph also shared 2 great lessons for aspiring musicians that can be applied practically in singing metal rock and life in general.

  1. Learn to sing from your diaphragm (this method creates strength and adds depth to the song, thus producing a powerful rock song). For a step-by-step instruction, refer to this review at
  2. Find your own voice and sing deep down from within (be natural and stick to your instincts. All in all, never forget the good old deal with metal music – do not sound exactly like anyone else as that will not bring out the best in you)

The Roots of Heavy Metal Music


You have probably heard of heavy metal music in the contemporary world and wondered how it made it to our mainstream culture. Heavy metal music is perhaps one of the most popular music genres among the youthful populations particularly in North America and Europe.

If you have seen a music performance where the musicians engage in headbanging, then what you saw was a heavy metal band performing live. Heavy metal is a sub-genre of the rock music, which developed in the 1960s and 1970s mainly in the United Kingdom as well as the United States.

Heavy metal has its roots in psychedelic rock and blues, which combined to form a thick and massive sound associated with solo guitarists, highly intensified distortions, vigorous beats, and general loudness. In subsequent sections, you will learn the comprehensive history of the heavy metal music and its popularity in the modern world.

The Brewing Storm

Before heavy metal made its grand entrance into the entertainment scene, it took some time to take shape. Precisely, the journey of heavy metal music started in the 1960s. The early periods of the 1960s saw an unprecedented explosion of popular music in the world stage.


You may already know some of the popular vanguard musicians such as the Rolling Stones, the Beatles, the Kinks, the Who, and so on. Such musicians emerged as the third generation of the well-renowned rock and roll genre in the early 1960s. These musicians formed bands that inspired the next generation of musicians.

Moreover, these groups also contributed to the development of the classic rock band music characterized by loud, rebellious, unpredictable, and sometimes dangerous themes targeting their audience. One thing you may have already realized is that this generation of singers used technological advances where their sonic disruption acquired new heights. It is at this period that heavy metal began to take shape.

The Birth of Heavy Metal

Perhaps, it would be critical to provide an overview of the events that inspired the birth of the heavy metal music.

In the second half of the 1960s, most cities in the United Kingdom such as Birmingham experienced high levels of unemployment because they were mostly dependent on blue-collar jobs. Although Great Britain had experienced unprecedented growth in the post-World War Two era, the economic growth slowed down significantly in the early 1970s rendering many people jobless.

The economic degeneration continued into the late 1970s and early 1980s coupled with numerous labor strikes and high levels of inflation. It is from this desolation and disillusionment that the heavy metal music took shape in Britain.

In the 1970s and early 1980s, heavy metal began to take shape as a separate genre away from blues and rock and roll. In this period classical heavy metal emerged setting the stage for its popularity. One of the first heavy metal bands, Black Sabbath, created their music with the plight of the young people in Birmingham in their mind.


Their music often bore dark and angry themes, which addressed the frustrations of the young people that were seemingly living on the margins of the mainstream society. You could rightly say that the heavy metal sub-genre grew out of an atmosphere protest against the establishment. Young people felt marginalized in the society and wanted to be heard through protest music.

The early heavy metal bands managed to synthesize rock music and blues into a new fusion music that took the world by storm. Unlike contemporary acts of the time such as pop music, heavy metal was starkly dark and addressed some of the taboo issues of the time such as recreational drug abuse, politics, and social exclusion in their lyrics.

In the United States, the musicians addressed the social injustices of the time and the war in Vietnam, which helped increase awareness of social issues among the youth. Then there’s something we like to call old-school thrash/death metal. Checkout the biography of Hemoptysis here to find out exactly what type of music this is.

Fan Following

In many respects, it could be argued that the heavy metal sub-genre has outlasted numerous other rock genres that have developed over the decades. The heavy metal music is characterized by a robustly masculine subculture. The fans of heavy metal are mostly young and white males in parts of Europe and North America engaged in Blue-collar jobs.

The heavy metal fans have a strong sense of fashion and regular concert-going in their towns or other cities. It suffices to say that heavy metal music enjoys a cult-like following in many parts of the world.

Hold onto your helmets kids Darth Vader started a band!

Did you ever want to know what it looks like when Darth Vader plays the bass or a storm trooper plays drums?

Well, guess no longer because the Galactic Empire band has just answered your inner nerd wishes. You might have seen these mega villains on Entertainment Weekly or even during their live performance for E! Entertainment during the Academy Awards, their inter galactic following appears to be growing.


In case you did not see any of that, here is everything you need to know about Darth Vader’s band the Galactic Empire.

Star Wars Fun Fact: Star Wars was-one of the only movie series prior to 2000 to ever make more than $1 billion at the box office, impressive!

This amazing blend of all things Star Wars and heavy-metal rock music is a breathe of fresh air in a pretty much otherwise bleak and pop-centric music world. We all know there is no need for yet another T-Swift or One Direction so when something as strangely wonderful as Galactic Empire band comes along it is no surprise fans flock to experience something so different. Their unique look is not just a costume, it is a dedication to the love of Star Wars (seriously the inside of those costumes must be like a sauna) and is beyond entertaining to watch.

While the five some have enjoyed a moderate amount of fame through their rendition of the mega-popular Star Wars theme song (the video has over two million views on Youtube) you might find yourself wondering, where exactly does a themed band like this go next? On to bigger and better things hopefully for Grant on drums, Carson on bass, Chris lead guitar and CJ the guitarist.

Do not worry they obviously go by their real names on stage aka Boba Fett and Shadow Ranger.

While the idea might seem a little corny and out of this world (pun alert), who exactly would want to dive into a musical Star Wars world? Well apparently a lot more than you might think! This year the band used popular crowd-funding platform Kickstarter to raise the funds needed to tour the United States.

Galactic Empire was seeking $60,000 for amps, speakers, transport, mechanize and probably costume rental fees, the villains of the galaxy received just over $61,000. Over 750 people backed their project and were gifted with either a virtual high five, free download of their upcoming album or a signed copy of a vinyl version of their album and even VIP access to shows among other things.

So even if you are not one to rush online and buy a new Star Wars collectible every time one goes on sale or even if you have only actually seen one or maybe two of the movies surely you can appreciate the determination, creativity and musical skill that goes into not only forming a successful, cohesive sound but doing all of that whilst dressed as the ominous and globally hated Darth Vader? That is seriously impressive!