Can Listening To ROCK Music Make You Aggressive?

rock aggression

Music is one of the most common things in life. Besides the necessities; food, water, jobs – music plays a very big role in our life. It gets us by our bored days, our drive to work, our drive back home, sorrowful days or even happy days. But little do we know the music which we like or even love listening to determines the kind of person we are or if a person is not molded yet, it determines the kind of person whom they become.

Rock music in particular is our main focus. You know the songs with upbeat beats, lyrics which are mumbled and guitars being played in the background more than the lyrics are? Yes, that’s the genre we’re talking about. Heart rates are often tangled with the anger we feel, and that’s what exactly what rock music does to listeners – it increases the heart rate. But if you want to calm it down, then is the right place for you. Sometimes these angers are associated with how a person is going act or already is acting. Studies show that people who listen more to rock music tend to have an anger in them and turn out being frustrated, which leads to them being aggressive.

Lyrics in rock music more often sounds vulgar than any other genre and the listeners will relate to the lyrics in different forms and ways. Some listeners may just like to be hyped up by the beat, to get them going through a sleepy day or most listeners of rock music are usually troubled persons & they often relate this genre to their cooped-up anger. Whenever the music if turned off, they tend to remember the meaning of the lyrics which are most often violent ones & if they get ticked off by only a small matter, they will most likely become aggressive – just like the music they listen to.

Rock music is not bad for someone, but it reflects the emotions of the listeners. If the listeners are mentally strong enough, they would not let this genre of music get to them which then leads into being aggressive.