Hold onto your helmets kids Darth Vader started a band!

Did you ever want to know what it looks like when Darth Vader plays the bass or a storm trooper plays drums?

Well, guess no longer because the Galactic Empire band has just answered your inner nerd wishes. You might have seen these mega villains on Entertainment Weekly or even during their live performance for E! Entertainment during the Academy Awards, their inter galactic following appears to be growing.


In case you did not see any of that, here is everything you need to know about Darth Vader’s band the Galactic Empire.

Star Wars Fun Fact: Star Wars was-one of the only movie series prior to 2000 to ever make more than $1 billion at the box office, impressive!

This amazing blend of all things Star Wars and heavy-metal rock music is a breathe of fresh air in a pretty much otherwise bleak and pop-centric music world. We all know there is no need for yet another T-Swift or One Direction so when something as strangely wonderful as Galactic Empire band comes along it is no surprise fans flock to experience something so different. Their unique look is not just a costume, it is a dedication to the love of Star Wars (seriously the inside of those costumes must be like a sauna) and is beyond entertaining to watch.

While the five some have enjoyed a moderate amount of fame through their rendition of the mega-popular Star Wars theme song (the video has over two million views on Youtube) you might find yourself wondering, where exactly does a themed band like this go next? On to bigger and better things hopefully for Grant on drums, Carson on bass, Chris lead guitar and CJ the guitarist.

Do not worry they obviously go by their real names on stage aka Boba Fett and Shadow Ranger.

While the idea might seem a little corny and out of this world (pun alert), who exactly would want to dive into a musical Star Wars world? Well apparently a lot more than you might think! This year the band used popular crowd-funding platform Kickstarter to raise the funds needed to tour the United States.

Galactic Empire was seeking $60,000 for amps, speakers, transport, mechanize and probably costume rental fees, the villains of the galaxy received just over $61,000. Over 750 people backed their project and were gifted with either a virtual high five, free download of their upcoming album or a signed copy of a vinyl version of their album and even VIP access to shows among other things.

So even if you are not one to rush online and buy a new Star Wars collectible every time one goes on sale or even if you have only actually seen one or maybe two of the movies surely you can appreciate the determination, creativity and musical skill that goes into not only forming a successful, cohesive sound but doing all of that whilst dressed as the ominous and globally hated Darth Vader? That is seriously impressive!