How To Sing Metal Music

Music plays it all – our mood, fantasy, family, special occasions, love and everything about life. And we’re paying our utmost gratitude and respect to the different genres that music has created. Every type of music gives us an identity and a sense of belonging as we tend to worship our favorite musician and their songs that often play in our playlist.

Metal Rock juxtaposes the calm and the strong, the old and the new. This is one of the many reasons why this kind of music is greatly loved by millions. If you happen to be an avid fan and you want to learn their secret of how they play it cool, let’s take an insightful advice from an expert on how to become your own rock star.


In his short video, Serpent Background’s lead vocalist Ralph Buso shared a concise and easy to follow method on how to sing metal music. He highlighted the importance of vocal techniques in developing a deep voice to produce an influential music. Here’s a quick guide that Buso does as a habit in sharpening his music skills:

  • Hold the sides of your waist and breathe out
  • Put a candle in front of you as you breathe steadily (helps in holding a note for a long time)


Ralph also shared 2 great lessons for aspiring musicians that can be applied practically in singing metal rock and life in general.

  1. Learn to sing from your diaphragm (this method creates strength and adds depth to the song, thus producing a powerful rock song). For a step-by-step instruction, refer to this review at
  2. Find your own voice and sing deep down from within (be natural and stick to your instincts. All in all, never forget the good old deal with metal music – do not sound exactly like anyone else as that will not bring out the best in you)